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Doornado, the design door stopper. Available in 12 colors.

Why Doornado?

1. Just slide into place

As Doornado is round it can be positioned at any angle, and you don’t have to bend down to push it into place.

2. Dutch Design – German Made

Doornado is manufactured with pride by a traditional German family business, so it combines durability with style.

3. Suitable for all floors

Doornado is suitable for all floor coverings including tiles, wood, laminate and carpet. Doornado will stick to anything!

4. Colourful

Choose a colour that coordinates well with your interior. Options range from eye-catching and cheerful to sleek and elegant. There are 12 colours to choose from.

Your true colour!

The Doornado is available in 12 colours: lime, chocolate, taupe, mud, graphite, mulberry, bubblegum, carrot, pomodori, sky, capri sea and chameleon. Choose your favourite.



The Doornado weighs 80 grams and is made from a durable, recyclable polymer. This material complies with the EN71 standard for toys, which means it is safe for everyone. Available in 12 colours. Guarantee: 2 years.

In summary

  • Colour: Available in 12 colours
  • Size: ø 118 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 80g
  • Registered design
  • Registered brand name
  • Guarantee: 2 year

Become a dealer or distributor

Doornado is a ready-made concept that is suitable for a wide range of retail outlets, such as gift and design shops, furniture shops, department stores, hardware stores, household goods shops and many more.

If you would like to sell Doornado in your shop, or if you would like to be a distributor for Doornado, please fill in the form and we will contact you.

  • Stylish retail displays available
  • Dutch Design – German Made
  • Ideal article for an impulse buy
  • Suits any interior style
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Verpakking Doornado

Veelgestelde vragen

Yes, Doornado works on any surface. On smooth surfaces, make sure that the floor and the Doornado are dust-free.

Yes, Doornado works on any surface. With wood, make sure that the floor is smooth. If there are many deep wood grains, Doornado can lose grip.

Yes, Doornado works on any surface.

Yes, Doornado works on any surface. With smooth tiles, make sure that the floor and Doornado are dust-free.

Yes, but often garden doors hang quite high above the ground. Doornado is 25 mm high, so check if that is enough.

If dust gets between the Doornado and the floor, Doornado will lose its grip. Rinse the Doornado under a tap and dry it. And make sure the floor is dust-free.

The top of Doornado is a hard plastic (Polypropylene) and the bottom a soft rubber-like material (thermoplastic elastomer)

Doornado is 25 mm high.

Doornado has been tested on all surfaces. Due to the combination of a hard top and the soft bottom, Doornado creates grip on even the smoothest floors.

Because Doornado is round, he grabs on all sides. You do not have to position Doornado very precisely. Usually you can even slide Doornado into position with your foot.

The maximum weight that Doornado can hold depends on various factors. Which surface? How high is the door? Is the Doornado clean?

Our tests showed:
On laminate >21,5 kg
On smooth wooden floors: >16 kg
On carpet: 35 kg
On concrete or cast floors: >35 kg

Simply put Doornado in place and let the door fall against it. The harder the door presses, the stronger Doornado clamps. So you don't have to do much.

No, Doornado is produced from high-quality materials manufactured in Germany. Doornado has been independently tested for harmful substances and is 100% clean.
The used materials meet the standard for children's toys and are completely safe for children or pets.

Doornado is produced at De Beer Breidenbach in Linsengericht, Germany.